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Information Systems in Business

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Word Count:                     1200              Words                                (+/-10%)


25 %

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Week 4


Your Task


This assessment is to be completed individually. In this assessment, you are required to prepare an in- depth analytical report that evaluates the components of an information system (IS) within a modern organisation. Your evaluation should consider the strategic implications, challenges, and opportunities of these components in supporting business operations. Incorporate real-life examples from current businesses or industries to support your analysis and to illustrate the real-world implications of these components.


Assessment Description

As businesses evolve and the complexity of their operations increases, Information Systems (IS) become crucial not just as operational tools but as strategic assets. These systems, if leveraged effectively, can provide organisations with a significant competitive advantage. In this advanced assessment, you will critically analyse and evaluate the integral components of an IS, understanding their strategic value, potential risks, and the nuances of their implementation and maintenance. Your aim is to go beyond a mere understanding and to critically assess each component's strategic role, challenges, and value proposition in a dynamic business context.

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This assessment aims to achieve the following subject learning outcomes:


LO1   Evaluate the components of an information system used in organisations to support business operations.





Assessment Instructions

  • Format:
    1. Your report should adopt a professional, formal report format.
    2. Utilise appropriate headings and subheadings to structure your content effectively.
  • Introduction:
    1. Introduce the topic of Information Systems in the context of strategic business operations.
    2. Clearly outline the scope and objectives of your report.
  • Main Body:
    1. System Hardware: Critically analyse the strategic implications, potential risks, and value of tangible components such as servers, computers, etc. in the context of evolving business needs.
    2. System Software: Evaluate the strategic role of operating systems, middleware, and application software in modern organisations. Assess potential vulnerabilities and their business implications.
    3. Data and Databases: Critically analyse the evolving role of data and databases, considering factors like big data, data analytics, and data security.
    4. Networks: Evaluate the strategic importance of networks in contemporary businesses, considering challenges like cybersecurity and the integration of cloud technologies.
    5. Procedures: Assess the standard operations and procedures, focusing on their strategic alignment, potential inefficiencies, and areas for improvement.
    6. People: Evaluate the changing roles of individuals in an IS, from IT specialists to end-users, and the challenges and opportunities this presents in a digital transformation context.
  • Real-life Examples:
    1. For each component you evaluate, integrate at least one real-life example that exemplifies the strategic challenges or successes related to that component. This can be drawn from case studies, current events, or in-depth industry analyses.
  • Conclusion:
    1. Synthesise the main points from your evaluation, reiterating the strategic importance of understanding IS components in a modern business landscape.
    2. Offer forward-looking insights or recommendations based on your evaluation.
  • References:
    1. Ensure that you cite any sources or materials referenced. All citations should adhere


to a recognised citation style – KBS recommends using KBS Harvard referencing style.

  • Submission:
    1. Your report should be submitted in Word Document or PDF format.
  • Please refer to the assessment marking guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria.


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