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If yes! you can only directly join a workplace with RPL Certifcation. It is necessary to have a Recognition of prior learning certificate to start your career with existing skills. Punjab Assignment Help has provided over 5000 RPL certificates in Australia. To be certified with RPL, some documentation are required which we will discuss further.


What is RPL Certificate?

Recognition of Prior Learning refers to; allowing individuals to get certified for their previous education, work experience, and training. This process recognises that learning can occur in many ways and not just through classroom-based education. RPL provides individuals with the opportunity to establish their skills in a particular field and get a formal qualification or certification. This recognition can be helpful for those who are looking to enter a new career or advance in their existing profession.


Benefits of getting an RPL Certificate:

  1. Saves Time and cost:
    RPL helps individuals achieve a qualification without completing an entire course. You need to complete the mandatory parts of the course that have not been covered yet. It will save you time and financial savings.
  2. Improved employability:
    RPL enhance the employability of Individuals by granting them a nationally recognized qualification. It validates their knowledge and skill base which makes them more appealing to potential employers and broadens their career opportunities.
  3. Personal and professional development:
    With the help of RPL, an individual can actively engage in personal and professional development.


Required Documents to get RPL in Australia:

  • VISA: For studying or working, this is your permission to enter and stay in Australia. It is mandatory to have the right visa, as it specifies what you're allowed to do while you're staying.
  • Passport: Your passport proves your identity and nationality when you travel internationally. Make sure, your passport is valid!
  • USI (Unique Student Identifier): Unique Student Identifier helps track your education and training achievements. If you're applying for a recognition of prior learning (RPL) certificate, you must have USI.
  • Work Portfolio: You must have a collection of your work samples such as reports you have written, and projects you have completed, among others.
  • Photo ID: You will be required to have an official document with your photo on it, like an identity card, or a driving licence.


Why Choose Punjab Assignment Help to Get an RPL Certificate?

Get certified for RPL in Australia without any hassle with Punjab Assignment Help. Individuals choose us for the following reasons:

Expert Guidance: We have an experienced team of experts, providing expert guidance throughout the RPL certification process. Our team ensures that an individual has the support they need to succeed in getting the certificate.

Timely Support: At each and every stage of obtaining an RPL certificate, you can depend on us for timely support. ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Extensive Knowledge: We have extensive experience in helping individuals obtain their Recognition of prior learning certification goals. We have provided over 5000 RPL certificates in Australia and 99% of the individuals are very happy with our services.

Simplified Process: We simplify the process of documentation and application which makes it easier for an individual to get certified for RPL with ease.

Quick Delivery: You do not have to wait for a long period of time to get certification. We deliver the certificate within 15 days of applying.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Q. 1 What are the hindrances to getting an RPL Certificate?

A: Lack of resources! When you do not find appropriate guidance, it will create obstacles to getting certified. Choose Punjab Assignment Help to get proper guidance.

Q. 2 Which documents are required to get a Recognition of Prior Learning Certificate?

A: VISA, Passport, USI (Unique Student Identifier), Work Portfolio, and Photo ID are the required documents for applying.

Q. 3 Is RPL mandatory to start a career?

A: Yes! If you are an individual without a tertiary ICT qualification but have relevant work experience, an RPL certificate is mandatory.

Q. 4 What is the RPL certificate cost in Australia?

A: RPL certificate cost for providing RPL vary on the course type. Contact us at +61 3 9016 2672 to know more.

Q. 5 In how many days can I expect to have RPL in Australia?

A: Generally, it takes a long period of time to get RPL in australia from other providers. But, we deliver RPL Certificates within 15 days.


To sum up, Punjab Assignment Help offers a wide range of benefits to obtain an RPL certificate. It enhances your employability by providing a nationally recognised qualification and saves time and costs by recognizing your existing skills and experiences, among others. With timely support, expert guidance, extensive knowledge in this field, and a simplified process, we ensure a hassle-free experience. The certificate is mandatory to kickstart their career journey in Australia for individuals without a tertiary ICT qualification but with relevant work experience.

Know more by visiting our website - or contacting us at +61 3 9016 2672.

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