Need Help With ACC201 Financial Accounting Presentation Report?

ACC201 Financial Accounting Presentation Report

Assessment Information and Rubric

Subject CodeACC201
Subject NameFinancial Accounting
Assessment Number and TitleAssessment 2 – Presentation Report (Invigilated)
Assessment TypeIndividual
Length / DurationVideo presentation (10 minutes in class) PowerPoint Slides + 1200-word Report
Weighting %25%
Total Marks25
SubmissionOnline Submission in Moodle
Due DateWeek 7, Midnight, Sunday
FormatVideo presentation (including a URL to the video presentation) and Report 1200 words

Assessment Description and Instructions

This assessment aims to allow students to demonstrate an understanding of financial accounting.

Students are required to answer the following Report and Video Presentation


Question 1: Briefly describe the qualitative characteristics of accounting information mentioned in the AASB Conceptual Framework in your own words. (600 words)

Question 2: Read the short article accounting-and-finance written by Barnard Marr about Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Accounting and Finance. Briefly explain and summarise the article in your own words. Name and explain 3 examples of how AI is already being used in accounting (600 words)

Video Presentation:

Record a 10 minutes presentation on the above two topics, Conceptual Framework and Artificial Intelligence in Accounting. You may use PPT or Prezi.

Late Penalties

Late penalties apply at the rate of 5% of the assessment mark per day late, to a period up to five days after the due date of the assessment.

Study Support

This assessment will be discussed in workshops.

It is required that students come to workshops prepared with work they have completed so that they can ask relevant questions to assist their group in completing this assignment accurately and on time.

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It is student’s responsibility to ensure that you demonstrate academic integrity. Take the time to find out more by visiting PIA’s Policies and Procedures site.

By submitting your assessments, you acknowledge that this is your own work

– that you have undertaken the assessments yourself and without any assistance from any other person or any website or other resources which are not specifically permitted. Also, you have not shared any aspect of your assessments or answers with other students or provided assistance to them in any way.