Get help with HI5004 Marketing Management Assignment

Get help with HI5004 Marketing Management Assignment

HI5004 Marketing management encapsulates the processes of planning, organizing, overseeing, and deploying marketing initiatives, strategies, and tactics with the aim to cater to the market demand for a firm’s products or services and garner substantial profit.

In essence, it bridges the gap between consumer needs and a firm’s offerings, ensuring goods are perceived as valuable and worth their price by customers.

It involves the thorough management of all aspects of marketing, from spotting market prospects to designing effective strategies and regularly revising the marketing mix.

As outlined by the Institute of Marketing Management, England, “Marketing management is a dynamic function that spurs trade and job opportunities by discerning consumer needs and championing R&D to address them.” Within the MBA curriculum, the HI5004 Marketing Management course is integral for instilling a deep comprehension of key marketing concepts.

Moreover, it dovetails with courses like HI6005 Management and Organisations in a Global Environment.

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