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TECH1100 - Professional Practice and Communication - The professionalism of IT teams

TECH1100 – Professional Practice and Communication – The professionalism of IT teams

Subject Code:TECH1100
Subject Name:Professional Practice and Communication
Assessment Title:The professionalism of IT teams
Assessment Type:Video recording and slide deck analysis
Length:10 minutes (+/-10%) and 10 slides (+/-10%)
Total Marks:40
Submission:In class and via MyKBS (Kaltura and Turnitin)
Due Date:Week 12
Your Task

Working individually in the trimester’s final class, create a video presentation supported by a slide deck examining the following concepts in the context of a case study to be made available 30 minutes prior to the class: (i) interpersonal conflict; (ii) team-based performance; and (iii) stakeholder management.

Assessment Description

Thirty minutes prior to the commencement of Week 12’s class, you will be granted access to a case study on MyKBS under the Assessments tab. This document will contain all the necessary facts you need to answer the following questions for this assessment.

Question 1:

  • ·         What are the primary evidence-based causes of your team’s underperformance? (5 marks)

Question 2:

  • ·         Which risks will be exacerbated if this issue remains unresolved and how will these be mitigated? (5 marks)

Question 3:

  • ·         What steps will you take to resolve the conflict with your colleague and in which sequence will you perform those steps? (5 marks)

Question 4:

  • How will you repair the relationship with your most critical internal customer and what specifically makes them your most critical internal customer? (5 marks)

Question 5:

  • ·         How will you prevent the recurrence of this situation? (5 marks)

The remaining 15 available marks in this assessment will be awarded for the calibre of the video presentation and the accompanying slide deck as per the criteria on the following page.

This assessment aims to achieve the following subject learning outcomes:

LO1Determine the factors of success for IT professionals that align with the expectations of diverse stakeholders.
LO2Plan for the mitigation of risks associated with ethical, societal, legal and privacy-related IT issues.
LO4Communicate complex IT-related concepts, problems, solutions, and outcomes to diverse stakeholders via the use of various communication methods.
Assessment Instructions
  • ·         Your face must be visible throughout the video recording.
  • ·         The sound quality must be such that your voice is clearly audible.
  • ·         Ensure background noise and interruptions are minimal.
  • ·         Incorporate the slides throughout the recording.
  • ·         Avoid the reading of notes or slides by talking instead to the camera.
  • Creativity is important: it’s not just what you say but how you say it that matters.
  • ·         Proofread your slides to make certain they are free of errors and inconsistencies.
  • ·         Your presentation and slides must reflect high standards of business professionalism.

Important Study Information

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What is academic integrity and misconduct? What are the penalties for academic misconduct? What are the late penalties?

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Word Limits for Written Assessments

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