Get MC5079 Assignment Help with Punjab Assignment Help

Get MC5079 Assignment Help with Punjab Assignment Help

MC5079 Assignment Help 2 Resit: 1,500-word Report

Students are required to produce a 1,500-word investigative report comparing/contrasting current bricks-and-mortar environments of, and merchandising strategies employed by, two fashion retailers operating at an equivalent market level. Where applicable the following elements should be addressed: layout, interior design, exterior architecture, product presentation, atmospherics, window display, in-store promotional material (not sales promotions), and service culture. Including (relevant) images – maybe to save on word count – is optional; there is no penalty for not doing so. The text should also highlight any practices/tactics that could be said to embody theoretical approaches identified in the module or encountered in further study. NB the task requires visiting stores in person (accurate data cannot be gained remotely)

Learning Outcomes: LO2

Marking Scheme (please also refer to the generic grading criteria )

   Tasks:Marks (%)A Suggested Approach
Introduction10Present a brief historical overview of the two brands selected (c. 150 words).
Main discussion and analysis60Fulsome account of required elements of the merchandising environments of both brands; sub-headings may help organise the material. Any images (whether integrated into the text or appended) should be captioned (c. 1,200 words – includes theoretical discussion below).
Theoretical component (to appear in  main discussion, not under separate heading)20Identify instances where ideas, concepts, and theoretical models could be said to operate in respective merchandising environments. Interweave this material into the main discussion as appropriate.  
Conclusion10Reiterate critical similarities and differences between retailers (c.150 words); Harvard referencing for theoretical approaches cited (not part of the word count)

Submission: On-line via Turnitin by 3 pm Friday 28th July 2023