Get MBA 5004 Managing Decision Making Process Assignment

MBA 5004 Managing Decision Making Process

MBA 5004 Managing Decision Making Process

Consultative Report • Group Assignment

WeightDue DateLearning Outcomes
  40%Week 14 Sunday by 11.55 pm  2, 3, 4, 5

In Assessment 3 you are to prepare a report detailing a strategic plan to reach the stated organisational target you already selected and presented the related anal- ysed data in Assessment 2.

Task in MBA 5004 Managing Decision Making Process

This is a group report. The group is required to choose one data platform from Assessment 2 and write a consultative report on how to achieve the recommendations that you have suggested in Assignment 2.

You must write a Consultative Report discussing a strategic plan on how your organisation can achieve the stated future growth target based on the Data Analysis in Assessment 2.

Your report needs to take into consideration the following aspects:

The Key Business initiative (Stated Target) of your organisation and its background.

The data analysed in Assessment 2.

All the recommendations related to the options and decisions in Assessment 2.

Consultation with Management and other Stakeholders regarding Strategic Objectives, Key Performance Indicators, and Measures of Success in reaching the Target.

Risks and mitigations to reach your Target.

Implementation Plan including Steps and Milestones to reaching your Target for the next 12 months.

Based on your analysis, what are the best ways forward with regard to:

  • Human resources issues
  • Marketing plans
  • Communication plans
  • Budgets and expenses

Some theoretical basis for your solutions and decisions.

The Consultative Report should be written in appropriate business language so that your analysis and discussion have an objective tone.

Your writing should be clear and concise and be in your own words.

Use headings and subheadings to guide the reader.

Use visual data representations to support your discussion.

Report Conclusion.

The Consultative Report (per team) must be in the range of 2,000 words in length excluding references. You must reference using the APA referencing style.

Reflective Piece: A further 300 – 500 words of reflection

the paper should be submitted per student.

A. on your experience and learning in this exercise and how this may be applied in your own organisation.

Submission Instructions in MBA 5004 Managing Decision Making Process

For all major assessments, both formative and summative, the preferred layout is in 12-point Calibri, with

1.5 line spacing, 2.5 cmleft-hand margins and Bold headings. All assessments must be submitted with a completed and signed cover sheet. Whenever you use the ideas and arguments of other writers, you must make reference to the writers and their work. By ac- knowledging the work of others, you avoid plagiarism. All submissions are to be submitted through Turnitin. Drop-boxes linked to Turnitin will be set up in Moodle. Assessments not submitted through these drop- boxes will not be considered. Submissions must be made by the assessment’s due date.

While completing this assessment consider the following:

Structure of the written report: Background information is relevant, issues are logically ordered, and recommendations clearly relate to the issues.

Identify main issues: Prioritise choices, justify and prioritise issues chosen.

Analyse the issues: Each issue is discussed using relevant concepts and principles, and insight is shown in analysing the information.

Discuss alternatives: Consider all viable short-term and long-term alternatives to potentially solve each issue, and examine the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.

Explain resources: Identify individuals from the case study, and enumerate the time frame and monitoring processes required for the recommendations to be put into practice.

Write clearly and concisely: Arguments are explicit and succinct, appropriate headings are used, and grammar and spelling are accurate.

Reflective Piece: You need to write a 300 – 500 word reflecting on your experience and learning in this exercise and how this may be applied in your own organisation.