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MBA402 - Governance, Ethics and Sustainability - Risk and Sustainability Report

MBA402 MBA402 Risk and Sustainability Report

Subject Code:MBA402 Risk and Sustainability Report
Subject Name:Governance, Ethics and Sustainability
Assessment Title:Risk and Sustainability Report
Assessment Type:Individual Written Report
Word Count:2,000 words (+/- 10%)
Weighting:40 %
Total Marks:40
Submission:Online via MyKBS
Due Date:Week 13

Your Task-MBA402 Risk and Sustainability Report

Compose a comprehensive report addressed to a company board, summarizing your insights into corporate governance, sustainability, and risk management practices.

Assessment Description-MBA402 Risk and Sustainability Report

Proficiency in crafting well-structured reports for discerning audiences, such as corporate boards, on critical subjects like corporate governance, sustainability, and risk management practices, is a crucial skill for business managers.

In this assessment, you will exhibit the following Learning Outcomes:

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of an organization’s governance responsibilities.
  2. Analyze the sustainability initiatives implemented within organizations and assess their efficacy in achieving corporate and ethical objectives.
  3. Apply corporate sustainability practices in a real-world context and evaluate their suitability across diverse scenarios.

Assessment Instructions-MBA402 Risk and Sustainability Report

  1. Review the Case Study document, available on Monday of Week 10 in MyKBS under the Assessments tab.
  2. Produce a concise written report addressing the questions posed in the Case Study.
  3. Incorporate a minimum of five references from academic journals and textbooks, and provide complete details of all information sources consulted during your assignment research.
  4. Utilize the assessment marking guide as a reference to ensure that you fulfill all the assessment criteria.

Important Study Information

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Word Limits for Written Assessments

Submissions exceeding the word limit by more than 10% will not be graded beyond the point where the limit is exceeded.

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