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MBA 5001 Sustainable Marketing

MBA 5001 Sustainable Marketing

Assessment 3: Marketing Plan

  Weight  Length  Due DateLearning Outcomes
50%Marketing Plan (3000 words)Week 142,3 5


Students are asked to write a marketing plan for an organisation’s new product to be launched into the market (students to select a firm and product). The student must consider the current climate of the industry by analysing the current situation of the business, competitors, and ethical and firm performance factors that affect the ability, strategic application, NPD process, quality and management of its sustainable marketing effort. Assume the role of marketing manager for the product/brand and your job is to construct a marketing plan to grow/extend the brand.

Your written marketing plan should include:

  • Current Business
  • Marketing Objectives
  • Competitors of the business
  • Strategic Marketing Approach
  • Marketing Mix (4Ps) – including the NPD process

The primary aim of this assessment is to understand the theory of marketing and the role of marketing in businesses. The secondary aim of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to enhance your analysis, critical thinking, written communication skills and theoretical applications.

Referencing: You are required to use a minimum of 15 academic references. Use proper in-text referencing as well as a list of references. The referencing style must follow the APA referencing style.

Word limit: The paper/plan must be 3000 words in length excluding references.

Submission: All work must be submitted to the Learning Management System by the due date

Assignment Structure Executive Summary Table of Contents

Body of the plan to contain Section Headings – e.g.

  • Introduction: Purpose of the paper, scope and limitations
  • Background to the selected industry, and the business organization
  • Current Business
  • Overview of Current Business
  • SWOT and current VRIO Analysis
  • Marketing Objectives: Proposing the need for a new product/product extension to grow your brand
  • Short- and long-term objectives
  • Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Strategic Marketing Approach
  • Segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • Marketing Mix (4Ps/7Ps) Ethical and sustainable approach
  • Product- NPD process
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

*you can consider the application of 7Ps if necessary

  • Recommendations: (e.g., Blue Ocean, PLC etc. etc.)
  • Conclusion
  • References list


-Use relevant theoretical concepts and application

-Sub-sections are to be numbered

-Paragraphing must be used

-Page numbers must be used.

-Reference List at the end must be in APA format and consist of mainly academic journal articles.

Submission Instructions for MBA 5001 Sustainable Marketing

All submissions are to be submitted through Turnitin. Drop-boxes linked to Turnitin will be set up in Moodle. Assessments not submitted through these drop-boxes will not be considered.

The Turnitin similarity score will be used to determine any plagiarism in your submitted assessment. Turnitin will check conference websites, Journal articles, online resources and your peer’s submissions for plagiarism. You can see your Turnitin similarity score when you submit your assessments to the appropriate drop-box. If your similarity score is of concern you will have a chance to change your assessment and resubmit. However, re-submission is only allowed prior to the submission due date and time. After the due date and time have elapsed you cannot make re-submissions. Thus, plan early and submit early to take advantage of this feature. You can make multiple submissions, but please remember the teaching team will only grade your last submission, and the date and time you submitted will be taken from that submission.


Grade  Percentage

•A 80% – 100%

B 70% – 79%

•C 60% – 69%

D 50% – 59%

F 0% – 49%

Referencing style for MBA 5001 Sustainable Marketing

You must reference all the sources of information you have used in your assessments. Please use the APA

referencing style when referencing in your assessments in this unit. Refer to the Library’s referencing guides for

more information.

Academic misconduct

VIT enforces that the integrity of its students’ academic studies follows an acceptable level of excellence. VIT will adhere to its VIT Policies, Procedures and Forms which explain the importance of staff and student honesty in relation to academic work. It outlines the kinds of behaviours that are “academic misconduct”, including plagiarism.

Late submissions for MBA 5001 Sustainable Marketing

In cases where there are no accepted mitigating circumstances as determined through VIT Policies, Procedures and Forms, late submission of assessments will lead automatically to the imposition of a penalty. Penalties will be applied as soon as the deadline is reached.

Short extensions and special consideration

Special Consideration is a request for:

  • Extensions of the due date for an assessment, other than an examination (e.g. assignment extension).
  • Special Consideration (Special Consideration in relation to a Completed assessment, including an end-of-unit Examination).

Students wishing to request Special Consideration in relation to an assessment the due date of which has not yet passed must engage in written emails to the teaching team to Request Special Consideration as early as possible and prior to starting time of the assessment due date, along with any accompanying documents, such as medical certificates.

For more information, visit VIT Policies, Procedures and Forms.

Inclusive and equitable assessment

Reasonable adjustments in assessment methods will be made to accommodate students with a documented disability or impairment. Contact the unit teaching team for more information.