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LAW500 Business Law Assignment

Subject CodeLAW500
Subject NameBusiness Law
Assessment Number and TitleAssessment 4 –Research Report
Assessment TypeIndividual
Length / Duration2,000 words maximum, no ±10%, and excluding references
Weighting %30%
Total Marks100
SubmissionOnline Submission via Turnitin for the written report and Excel file(s)
Due DateWeeks 11, Midnight, Sunday at the end of the week.
FormatA written report in Microsoft Word format

Assessment Description and Instructions

The purpose of this assessment is to provide students with an understanding of business law related concepts. Students will do a deep dive analysis of business law concepts.

In business, accountants, managers and financial analysts are required to understand how businesses or a particular business operates.

Businesses today require that their employees can work in teams and collaborate to produce more innovative solutions, compared to what an individual can produce.

Late Penalties LAW500 Business Law Assignment

Late penalties apply at the rate of 5% of the assessment mark per day late, for a period of up to five days after the due date of the assessment.

Study Support

This assessment will be discussed in workshops.

It is required that students come to workshops prepared with work they have completed so that they can ask relevant questions to assist their group in completing this assignment accurately and on time.

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Assessment description: LAW500 Business Law Assignment

Critically discuss the regulation of “unfair terms” in contract law. You are required to use case law and ACL to elaborate on this statement. Please follow Harvard references along with the report structure to complete your report.

Please see the link below as a sample template. data/assets/pdf_file/0008/333773/LD-Report-Writing-LH.pdf