Get help with HI6041 Information Systems Security Assignment

Get help with HI6041 Information Systems Security Assignment

HI6041 Information Systems Security

Overview of HI6041 Statistics of Systems Security

Information systems security, more commonly referred to as INFOSEC, refers to the processes and methodologies involved with keeping information confidential, and available, and assuring its integrity.

It also refers to Access controls, which prevent unauthorized personnel from entering or accessing a system.

The fundamental principles (tenets) of information security are confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Every element of an information security program (and every security control put in place by an entity) should be designed to achieve one or more of these principles.

The assessment HI6041 Statistics of Systems Security focuses on the key areas that students need to understand in terms of identifying key areas of data security.

On the other hand, through the assessment, the students can also gather proper knowledge about the issues that can create negative impacts on the processes by which data can be implemented.                              

On the other hand, the subject can also help the students, by applying security controls to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Preventing the disruption of services, e.g. denial-of-service attacks. Protecting the IT system and network from exploitation by outsiders is imperative in this case.

The subject has also close relation with HI6007 business decision making assessments, as data security plays a crucial role in terms of effective business decision making.

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