Get GBU100 Professional Business Communication Assignment

Get GBU100 Professional Business Communication Assignment

GBU100 Professional Business Communication

Assessment 3: Reflective Journal

Assessment 3: Reflective journal (individual)30%Week 121500 words


Individual: Reflective journal

  • Due: Week 12
  • Task: Students write a reflective journal of 1500 words reflecting changes in your developing awareness of the practice and issues discussed within 11 weeks of studying related to Business Communication. Justify your thought with a specific example.

Considering the following in your reflective journal:

  • Describe an event(s)/ experience.
    • Interpret and evaluate your event(s)/ experience from your perspective (What do I think about it now? How does it relate to practices I learnt? How does it connect to discussed theories/ hypotheses?)

Reflective Journal Structure

Refer to Appendix 1

Marking rubric

Refer to Appendix 2


Your group’s report is required to consist of at least 10 additional readings. Be aware of following strictly Harvard style format in both in-text reference and reference lists.


Use your own words to present your work. You are allowed to reach up to 10% of similarity. Assignments reaching up to 25% will be considered by the lecturer. Assignments having more than 50% similarity will be immediately marked “0” and reported to the institution for misconduct behaviour.


Marks and feedback with comments will be provided to students within 2 weeks after submission. A rubric will be provided with the questions providing marking criteria. This will be used to mark and provide feedback to students.

Note: For all the requirements of submissions and integrity policies you must refer to the unit study guide provided. Please check on the MyPIA Moodle site.

== End of Assessment brief==

Appendix 1





  • Introduce briefly the unit GBU100

–          Elicit briefly the content of your journal REFLECTION

  • Reflect on how the introduced knowledge has changed the way you communicate

–          Reflect on how the unit has helped you become a better communicator EVALUATION

  • Discuss what you like and do not like about the unit RECOMMENDATION

–          Recommend potential improvements for this unit APPENDIX (if any)