Get help with BUSI650 Business Analytics Assignment

Get help with BUSI650 Business Analytics Assignment

Course: BUSI650 Business Analytics

Assignment: Assignment 2 and 3: Individual Predictive Model and Analytical Decision Making

Sections: 20, 29, and 36

Instructor: Mirza Zaeem Baig

Maximum Marks: 20 Marks

Assignment Deadline: 11:59 PM, Saturday, 10 June 2023

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Assignment Description For BUSI650 Business Analytics

In this assignment, you will work with a regression dataset containing data on average US annual consumption (in $) and disposable income (in $) for the years 2000 to 2016. Your task is to perform a regression analysis using MS Excel.

Part A: (10 Marks)

Task 1: Simple Linear Regression (5 Marks)

  • Perform a simple linear regression for the provided dataset using MS Excel.
  • Create a results sheet in Excel to present your findings.

Task 2: Interpretation and Equation (5 Marks)

  • Copy a screenshot of the output generated in Excel.
  • In your own words, describe the results of your analysis.
  • Calculate and present the sample linear regression equation for the model.

Part B: (10 Marks)

Analysis/Summary Report

  • Write an analysis/summary report based on the regression analysis conducted in Part A.
  • Include examples of decisions that can be made for the dependent variable based on given values of the independent variable. For instance, what is the predicted consumption if the disposable income is $33,000?

Submission Instructions For BUSI650 Business Analytics

  1. Rename this Word file using the format “BUSI650_Assignment 2 and 3_Student ID”.
  2. Upload this Word file on Moodle in the appropriate submission link.
  3. Additionally, submit the MS Excel file containing the results for Part A.
  4. Please ensure that the naming convention of the Excel file is followed.

Important Note: For BUSI650 Business Analytics

Ensure that your analysis and report are clear and informative, providing insights into the relationship between average US annual consumption and disposable income. Use appropriate visual aids in your Excel results sheet and report to enhance clarity and understanding.